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Freestanding Floor Screens

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Maintain social distancing in your workplace by protecting both your customers and staff with our range of affordable safety solutions. Our freestanding screens allow you to quickly adapt to the COVID-19 safety measures pandemic by building barriers and entrances to control the flow of people and maintain social distancing. 


    • Off the shelf sizes

    • Fully glazed 5mm laminated or toughened glass to suit your frame size

    • Easy-to-clean

    • Fully customisable

    • Customised vinyl prints or design can be applied to complement your venue or space style

    • Temporary structures

    • Easily moveable

    • Choose from fixed or freestanding

    • Available in a range of finishes 

All our products are manufactured in Scotland using local suppliers with safety guaranteed. 

Frames on the screens are: 

Mild or Stainless Steel - 30 x 30mm box

Timber - 50 x 45mm box 

**If you'd like to customise our products or create a screen bespoke to you, please email us directly for a quote at 

***Shipping costs available on request.